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Diverse Learning Environments


Our Infant program takes infants from six weeks to 18 months, where our dedicated infant teachers provide day-long care and supervision for your child. Recognizing the unique needs and varied schedules of each infant, our staff meticulously adheres to individualized plans tailored for every child. The infant teachers actively engage with each child, fostering their growth through play, tummy time, sensory activities, and more. Our approach is comprehensive, focusing on every facet of infant development.



The Waddler room serves as a transitional space for infants progressing into toddlers, offering increased freedom for growth and play. Designed to emphasize the development of gross and fine motor skills, this room encourages independence and provides ample opportunities for exploration of the surrounding world.

For our toddlers, we've dedicated a separate room to further build upon the foundations established in the Waddler room.

The Toddler room is their lively playground, filled with entertaining and educational activities crafted to spark curiosity and promote growth. Both rooms incorporate a blend of free play and structured activities, including walks to the park, engaging arts and crafts, offering a dynamic environment for learning and development.


Our Preschool programs play a pivotal role in preparing your child for the transition to elementary school. Through engaging and creative learning approaches, our teachers inspire each child to embrace exploration, knowledge, and personal growth. Extensive research consistently demonstrates the enduring impact of preschool on a child's success, and we take pride in helping every child discover their interests and readiness for the future.

In the younger preschool room, we establish a structured schedule while still allowing ample time for free play. Children are introduced to finer skills such as tracing and letter recognition, fostering a holistic approach to their early education.

The Older Preschool Class (Pre-k) elevates the learning experience through dynamic and enjoyable methods, providing our preschoolers with the essential tools for success in elementary school and beyond.

Both rooms adhere to our comprehensive curriculum, ensuring a seamless journey of continuous growth and learning for every child.

School Age

Our School Age program provides a fantastic opportunity for your elementary school child to enjoy their after-school hours. Upon arrival, they receive a delightful snack and the chance to complete any homework they may have, relieving parents of the stress associated with homework at home. Following this, the children engage in play and fun activities with their friends.

In our summer camp, we facilitate continuous learning in an enjoyable and engaging manner throughout the summer. The program covers a diverse range of topics, including space exploration, cooking, and sports. Each week introduces a new theme, offering the children the opportunity to explore and acquire lifelong skills in a dynamic and interactive setting.

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