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Small Tales Chestertown

Small Tales was honored with the chance to expand into the Chestertown Community. Our center consist of two room. Our Infant/Toddler room, and our Preschool room.  

CoC room Chester.jpg

Infant/Toddler Room

Our Infant/Toddler room is designed for children aged 6 weeks to 36 months, and each age group is overseen by a dedicated teacher committed to nurturing the development of the children in their care. These teachers prioritize age-appropriate activities tailored to the specific needs of each group.

For our infants, the dedicated teacher provides day-long care and supervision. Acknowledging the unique needs and diverse schedules of each infant, our staff meticulously follows individualized plans. The infant teachers actively engage with each child, fostering growth through play, tummy time, sensory activities, and more, taking a comprehensive approach to infant development.

The toddler teacher will focus on developing gross and fine motor skills, fostering independence, and providing ample opportunities for exploring the world. Toddlers participate in entertaining and educational activities crafted to ignite curiosity and encourage growth.


Our Preschool programs play a pivotal role in preparing your child for the transition to elementary school. Through engaging and creative learning approaches, our teachers inspire each child to embrace exploration, knowledge, and personal growth. Extensive research consistently demonstrates the enduring impact of preschool on a child's success, and we take pride in helping every child discover their interests and readiness for the future.

We establish a structured schedule while still allowing ample time for free play. Children are introduced to finer skills such as tracing and letter recognition, fostering a holistic approach to their early education.

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