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Small Tales 501c3

Small Tales Daycare is a non-profit preschool. Our mission is simple, give children the best care and education in their early years to set them up for success in the future! We are a play-based center that incorporates an educational curriculum. Allowing children to grow by play and exploration, will increase their knowledge and sense of the world around us.

Our Programs

Serving children aged six weeks to twelve years old.


Our Infant programs starts from six weeks to 18 months. Our infant teachers spend the day caring and watching your child. Every infant is different and are on different schedules. Our staff closely follows each individual plan for each infant.


Our Waddler room is the smaller of the two. It offers a small class size that can help some children flourish. For our more social butterflies, the Toddler room is their playground. Each room incorporates free play and structured play. Along with walks to the park, arts and crafts, and a chance to learn and grow!


Our Preschool programs helps really set the stage for your child's entrance into elementary school. With fun creative ways to learn, our teachers get each child excited to explore and grow. Studies prove time and again that preschool can make a lasting impact in the success of a child. We pride ourselves on being able to help each child find their passion and get ready for what lays ahead.

School Age

Our School Age program gives your elementary school child a chance to have a little fun after school. They get to come in to a nice snack and then tackle any homework they may have. This helps our parents not have to stress about it at home. After that the children get to play and have fun with their friends.

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